Thursday, April 4, 2019

Supplement Business / Product Idea

A few years ago, I read that mixing and drinking aluminum free baking soda and maple syrup might cure some forms of cancer.

The maple syrup goes to the cancer cells in the body and the aluminum free baking soda kills the cancer cells.

How about a pill or a less nasty drink that delivers aluminum free baking soda to the consumer?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hypnosis Recording Idea

If uninhibitedness leads to creativity and empowerment leads to resourcefulness, why not make a hypnosis audio that suggests both? Also, I have read that curbing greed and fear has powerful results. One thing that ties these things together is to forget ideas about oneself. So what I'm proposing is a hypnosis MP3 or DVD that makes the listener feel uninhibited, empowered, content and safe. Then direct the listener to forget ideas (from anywhere) about himself and immediate begin building their future.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Product Idea: Red AND Green Juice

I love the very convenient Odwalla, Naked, and other juices available in stores.

My idea is to have 1/4 or so of the juice be organic broccoli.   The other 3/4 would be berries, a tomato, and a beet.

This recipe slips what is perhaps natures best food into a delicious juice of berries, and beets.

Financial and Business Education Cable Channel

Ok, we have Coursera, Khan Academy, Rich Dad World, Tai Lopez, local cable access, the financial news networks, various gurus, and many worthwhile business documentaries.

Why not put the best content from the best academics, entrepreneurs, financiers, and media people on a cable TV channel?

The things I'd want in the channel are relevancy, less fluff, less filler, no indoctrination, but with charts, pictures, case studies, web links, and possibly cooperation and coordination with public and/or other private school systems and maybe employers.  Tutoring and mentoring (an online forum could deliver the latter items) would be a plus.

The entrepreneur could charge a small fee for monthly cable channel viewing.  Plus, it could have a phone app where customers could view courses on an a la carte basis.  Certificates could be earned upon completion of courses the same way Coursera does.

Toasted PNB & Organic Honey and Cinnamon Sandwich (Product Idea)

Offer a toasted peanut butter sandwich with organic honey and cinnamon at your kiosk or fast food restaurant.

Test this idea.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

4 in 1 Bag of Seeds Idea

Many people put chia seeds, hemp seeds, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and other seeds on their salads.

My idea is to combine four or so types of seeds into one bag.  This will save a little time and space.

Nutrition is a booming niche.  Seeds have nutritional benefits, according to what I read.

So there you have it:
- pumpkin seeds
- chia seeds
- hemp seeds
- black sesame seeds

All raw, natural, and there you have it