Saturday, May 6, 2023

10 Original Niche Internet Side-Hustles


1)      Make a superior niche web site and sell advertising.

2)      Edit videos.

3)      Make and sell web sites and social media profiles.

4)      Consulting for niche (Internet) projects.

5)      Produce JV podcasts and videos.

6)      Show other solopreneurs how to automate routine tasks with AI.

7)      Be a human Christmas tree.

8)      Provide abstracts of long books, long videos, and so forth via newsletter.

9)      Be a coach or a wingman, for job seekers, or people with fears, for people who need a confidence boost, or for people who need to tap new networks.

10)   Take the difficult job no one wants for the right conditions and pay rate.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

E-commerce Fund/ETF Idea

 With certain Twitter personalities suggesting their followers focus on their e-commerce side-projects, I wonder which stocks will benefit the most from the hustlers?

So how about an e-commerce fund or etf?

With SHOP for sure.


Office Depot, maybe.



Fiverr (God Fiverr sucks though.)

What would you add?